Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Spring Valley

Teeth are a lot like other parts of the human body—they age. Consequently, teeth succumb to wear and tear, decay and other types of damage. In addition, for many people, dental checkups have not been routine. This can also leave your smile looking less than attractive and performing less than optimally. To remedy the situation Las Vegas dentist Michael G. Hollingshead, DDS can plan full-mouth reconstruction. This step-by-step treatment combines any number of restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures to reconstruct healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Hollingshead is exceptionally qualified to perform full-mouth reconstruction. Since graduating from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, he has taken continuing education courses and participated in study clubs to advance his knowledge. Most notably, he is a graduate of Las Vegas Institute (LVI) of Advanced Cosmetic Studies, one of the country’s top schools for cosmetic dentistry. With Dr. Hollingshead’s credentials, you can be certain that your teeth will be stronger and your smile will be more attractive at the conclusion of full-mouth reconstruction in 89146.

Your Full-Mouth Reconstruction

The procedures included in your full-mouth reconstruction plan will depend entirely on the various dental and oral health problems present. In most cases, the plan includes some services that are immediately obvious and others that work behind the scenes to support your teeth and give you a smile than not only looks attractive but is healthy, too.

For instance, Dr. Hollingshead will assess the condition of your gums. If gum disease is discovered—whether the early stage of gingivitis or more advanced periodontitis—then treatment will be necessary. Gums and the bone underneath can be devastated by periodontal disease. Our office offers scaling and root planing to remove bacterial infection from below the gum line. Once your gums are healthy, Dr. Hollingshead can proceed with the rest of your full-mouth reconstruction plan.

Treatments Included in Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Because full-mouth reconstruction is intended to leave you with a smile that is functionally sound as well as attractive, Dr. Hollingshead may rely on several restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments. These may include dental implants, partials and dentures or crown and bridgework to replace missing teeth. In addition, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bondingand teeth whitening and dental crowns can all enhance the appearance of your smile. When the process of full-mouth reconstruction is complete, you’ll have a new look and new sense of confidence!

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