Find Peace with Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Spring Valley

Nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas, is a form of sedation often used to help children and adults feel more relaxed during dental treatment. As a Las Vegas family dentist who understands how dental anxiety can impact a patient’s willingness to seek treatment, Dr. Hollingshead is happy to offer nitrous oxide as a safe sedation option.

What are the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation?

When inhaled, nitrous oxide goes to work quickly, promoting an immediate sense of comfort and relaxation. Even patients who experience extreme dental anxiety find that they are able to lie back and feel completely calm throughout the duration of their treatment. Because the odorless, colorless gas is inhaled through the nose, it is an ideal solution for patients who are fearful of needles.

Though nitrous oxide will induce a feeling of complete calm and comfort, you will still be conscious and capable of responding to any questions or commands from your dentist and his team. Patients often describe the feelings they experience while under nitrous oxide sedation as euphoric. You may feel that you have temporarily lost sensation in your arms, hands, feet, and legs as a veil of warmth envelops you, but you can rest assured that you are in capable and experienced hands. Your safety always comes first, and we’ll always make sure that you feel completely comfortable with every step of your treatment.

With nitrous oxide, the level of sedation is easily controlled by your dentist, and the effects wear off quickly following treatment. This means that you are free to continue with your day without any of the drowsiness that accompanies other sedation options. Nitrous oxide is a reliable and reversible sedation method that has been proven to help children and adults feel relaxed during dental treatment. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Dr. Hollingshead and his team are here to ensure your complete comfort and satisfaction.

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