Happy Patient Testimonials

Alexis Michaud

I believe the saying goes "you don't know what you have until it is gone." That was my experience. Dr. Hollingshead was my dentist for more than 15 years when I relocated out of state. I used a few other dentists over the 10 years I lived out of state. What a relief to return to Las Vegas and to Dr. Hollingshead and his staff. They are warm, friendly and professional and speaking from experience, Dr. Hollingshead and his staff provide a quality of serve that is unparalleled in the industry. I recommend Dr. Hollingshead and his staff highly to all my friends and family.

Eric Aitken

I have been a patient of Dr. Hollingshead for over 16 years, and had been his patient for several years before I met my wife. It was pretty great for both of us when we found out we had our dentist in common because we were both adamant about staying with our all time favorite dentist. Dr. Hollingshead is not only competent, thorough and professional, but he has great "chair side manner". He is really great at find out what his patients' interests are and then can have a great conversation with you. We talk about family and sports and he really keeps up with both. He really cares about each patient. You are not just a number to him.

Kimberly Aitken

Dr. Hollingshead has been my dentist for over 30 years and I dread the day he retires! He is so genuine and caring. I KNOW he truly cares about my oral health and about me. He has a special way of making me feel at ease when working on my teeth. He sings songs, talks about family and current events and just keeps me actively distracted. But the best part is that he is so gentle I don't even really need the distraction. I have always been incredibly pleased with the way he makes my teeth look. I fell as a young girl and only have half of one of my front teeth but he has done such a great job fixing it, no one has ever noticed it isn't all real. My whole family goes to Dr. Hollingshead now and we would never have it any other way. He is truly an amazing dentist and just an overall great person.


I have been a patient of Michael G. Hollingshead, DDS's for more than 25 years now!  His staff is always so warm and welcoming.  Dr. Hollingshead's office feels like a family.  I'm glad that I have been a part of it for the last quarter of a century!


Talking about my dentist Mickey Hollingshead is a labor of love. Not only has he been my dentist most of my adult life, he's been my friend all that time, from highschool forward. If you've been to his office or know him otherwise you're familiar with his love of life and his profession. Only his family comes first. He truly enjoys his work, his dentistry. I think that is what makes going to this dentist so bearable. You know you're in good, caring and professional hands.

Keith & Linda Galliher

We are proud to say that we have been Dr. Hollingshead’s patients for the past 30+ years. Dr. Hollingshead and his very able staff have made each visit to his office a pleasure. Everyone is conscientious, kind and caring.

Dr. Hollingshead’s skills in dentistry are, in our view, without equal in the Las Vegas area. He is competent, efficient, and gentle. He even takes the time to call you at home at night after your procedure to make certain that everything is okay. How many dentists take the time to do that?

In short, we highly recommend Dr. Hollingshead to any patient fortunate enough to require his services.

Sara Denton

With Dr. Hollingshead our dental health is first and cost is always second.  If a procedure is needed he spends an unusual amount of time explaining such procedure and why it is important to our dental health.  He always suggests a second opinion if there are any questions.  We are very grateful to have such a fine dentist.

Butch Langel

I've been a patient of Dr. Hollingshead for over 30 years. When I first visited Dr. Hollingshead, I was suffering from gingivitis and the loss of several teeth was certain unless something was done. He got me straightened out and today I'm enjoying good dental health because of his maintaining a vigilant watch on my teeth and gums. When you go into Dr. Hollingshead's office you are treated like family from the time you walk into the door and see the receptionist until you leave. The atmosphere in the office is warm, friendly and loving. After a visit you can count on a call from Dr. Hollingshead that night inquiring how things are going. You know that your health is important to him. Dr. "Mickey" is a fabulous dentist with a fabulous practice of devoted patients.

Paul Terry

I've been a patient of Mickey Hollingshead for over 20 years and in all that time I can think of no other health care provider in any discipline that takes as much time, care and concern for
his clients.   The example of his professionalism and easy going manner is evident upon entering his reception area. Everyone at his staff is friendly, positive, and makes you feel like you've returned home from a long trip.  There is never a significant wait time.  How rare is that in today's business culture?  if you're appointment is for 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. the staff is always prepared and ready for your arrival.
Dr. Hollingshead himself always seems to enjoy his work and I always feel like he's given me his total undivided attention.  But I almost left out the most important factor in why I am still a patient after twenty-two years;  great results!   He keeps up on the latest research in the field and whether it's a crown, filling or composite you know you've been treated by the best.  I am an entertainer on the Strip and cannot afford for any mistake with my looks.  I am currently getting the "Six Month Smile" braces, am halfway through the process and his attention to detail is once again remarkable.  I would recommend going to Dr. Hollingshead for this or any other dental need.   Paul Terry, Entertainer

Norton A. Roitman, MD

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hollingshead for the last twenty years, and I continue to be totally satisfied with his professional care. He is the kind of doctor you dream of going to– one who listens, understands and is incredibly competent. His office runs like a friendly clock, on time, great atmosphere and is very pleasant. His staff has been with him forever, a testimony for his loyalty and inspiration. His work with me has included prothesis, cosmetics and crowns and fillings. Dr. Hollingshead has traditional values in regard to patient care combined with state of the art treatments. My teeth look better than the ones I was born with, and my comfort level knowing that he is there, at a moment's notice, could not be higher. You will love gong to his practice and the results are terrific.

Thomas Tait

“I have known Dr. Hollingshead for many years and during the time he has been my dentist, I have had absolute certainty that my dental needs were being met thoroughly, competently and professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hollingshead for any proactive or reactive dental requirements you may have.”

Mike Miller

“Dr. Hollingshead is an excellent dentist providing great care to me and my family for almost 6 years. He has done extensive restoration as well as providing prophylactic care on a regular basis. The office staff is remarkable as well. It is a pleasure to visit when required. Without any hesitation, I completely endorse Dr. Hollingshead to anyone looking for a dentist for emergency or regular care.”

Terri Larned

“My husband & I have been going to Dr. Hollingshead for at least 20 years for our dental needs. He has always given us exceptional care. We recently relocated back to Ohio & I have yet to choose a dentist here. In fact, I recently went back to Nevada to visit my parents & I scheduled a cleaning with him. I guess you can say I traveled 2,000 miles to have my teeth cleaned! I hope we can find a dentist here that I will have confidence in as I did Dr. Hollingshead.”

Daniel Holstein

“Dr. Hollingshead has been a great dentist, as well as a compassionate and caring person. He also has an exemplary staff. I would highly recommend him for any dental work.”

Andrea Glenn

“I was a "white knuckle" patient when I met Dr. Hollingshead. My previous dentist was rough and belligerent as well. Dr. Hollingshead was highly recommended by a mutual friend. Upon my first visit, he took every precaution to calm me. He placed headphones on me so that I could listen to the music and not hear the drill. He also gave me nitrous oxide gas to calm my nerves. This was so soothing that I truly relaxed and let him do his work. After the third dental visit, I no longer needed the head phones or the nitrous oxide gas because I was relaxed enough to just listen to the music that played in the office. He thoroughly explained each procedure before starting and communicated with me throughout the procedures in a way that showed he genuinely cared about me and wanted me to understand what he was doing. He takes his time in administering Novocaine to be sure that I am very numb before he starts his procedure. Sometimes this can take half an hour before I am numb and he never makes me feel like he is in a hurry. After many years, I sometimes fall asleep in the dental chair during a procedure because I totally trust Dr. Hollingshead and his very patient and competent staff. Going to "the dentist" is a positive experience for me because Dr. Hollingshead and his staff always make me feel genuinely welcome and I just might get a well needed nap while there...truly.”