Tooth Colored Fillings for Spring Valley

Explore The Benefits of Natural Looking, Tooth Colored, Composite Fillings

Whatever your current dental needs are, your overall, long-term health is always the most significant factor in the treatment Dr. Michael G. Hollingshead  recommends. Dental amalgam was for years the material of choice for fillings -- but the material is very visible next to the natural tooth enamel, and amalgam may also put you and your family at risk of mercury exposure.

Tooth colored fillings in Spring Valley, made of biocompatible composite resin, offer a wonderful alternative to silver fillings. Because these composite restorations provide a durable, non-toxic, and attractive option for mending tooth decay and repairing minor damage, Dr. Hollingshead only offers composite resin to his patients. Keep reading to find out more about why, then contact us to request an appointment for safe, effective dentistry today!

Tooth Colored Fillings Repair Your Smile Naturally

Tooth decay won’t get better on its own. A cavity is what we call the hole caused by bacteria that eats away at the enamel. Minor cavities that are not restored with a filling turn into large spots of decay that can cause significant oral health problems -- including infection which may spread throughout the body and the eventual loss of the tooth.

Compared to dental amalgam, composite resin offers a host of benefits for filling cavities of all sizes. It’s a biocompatible option, meaning your body accepts the material without issue. A tooth colored filling requires less removal of healthy tooth enamel, keeping more of your natural tooth structure intact. And because composite resin is less sensitive to heat and cold than dental amalgam, it is also less likely to expand and contract with changes in temperature -- and that keeps your tooth healthier over time.

Additional benefits of tooth colored fillings compared to dental amalgam include…

  •      A natural, natural looking option
  •      Precise color matching blends beautifully with the rest of your smile
  •      Can make minor cosmetic improvements to the front teeth
  •      Allows for more conservative dentistry
  •      No risk of mercury exposure
  •      A long-lasting solution

The Process for a Tooth Colored Filling

If you need a composite filling, we can administer a local anesthetic to numb the jaw and keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. After removing the decay, Dr. Hollingshead will place a dab of liquid composite resin into the cavity, shape it, and then harden the filling with a curing light. The resin we use has been matched to your tooth enamel, so your filling will look like natural, healthy tooth structure. After it has been placed and hardened, your dentist in Spring Valley will sculpt and polish the filling and ask you to bite down a couple of times to make sure it fits well with your dentition. He’ll make any final adjustments  as needed -- and then send you on your way with renewed smile health!

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